• Mouse Milk Penetrant Oil 32oz



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Muscle in a hustle! Use Mousemilk penetrating oil for the removal of rusted and frozen studs, nuts and bolts; frees up cables, slides and linkage.  Shelf life 3650 days.  Sold in 8oz or 32oz sizes.

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Mousemilk, when not exposed to light, is a brown liquid with slight green tint when poured. It has a distinctive toluene solvent odor. The shelf life times are based on product that is stored at temperatures not exceeding 80 degrees Fahrenheit and not exposed to direct sunlight.

Closed Container:
After exposure to light for 60 days the oil will develop a brown color. The color change does not affect the product effectiveness as a penetrating oil or lubricant. The product remains effective, when stored in a closed container for 10 years.

Open Container:
Product will develop a light brown tint within 30 days. Airborne particles will contaminate the product and the volatile ingredients will dissipate. Product will become ineffective as penetrating oil after 30 days (cap off bottle or spout left open).

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