• 3M SR Aircraft Sealant Cutters

BAC #: TS-40







3M sealant cutters are used for removing cured aircraft sealant. SR cutters mount on a pneumatic right-angle drill with 1/4"-28 threads with recommended speed of 850-1200 RPM. Removes coatings without damaging the underlying base.  Removes aerospace sealant without chemical solvents, eliminating chemical mess and waste in your hangar.

TS-40  No. 3 cutter is for flat applications. The 0.4" diameter fits between rivets and into tight spaces.

TS-83  No. 8 cutter is 1" in diameter and has an internal cavity designed to fit directly over rivets or other protrusions for thorough cleaning.

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Avoid harsh chemicals or hand scraping and achieve smoother results with this 3M sealant remover cutter. It can remove thick applications of seam sealant quickly and safely for aircraft maintenance and repair, saving time and effort.

This sealant removing tool is designed for use with aircraft rivets and can cleanly remove sealant around fasteners such as rivets, bolts and Hi-Loks. It is an alternative to a hand-held sealant cutter.

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