• PPG Semco Model 1250 Battery Powered Sealant Gun

BAC #: MODEL1250



This item is shipped via ground only




The PPG SEMCO Model 1250 is a battery powered dispensing gun used in application of sealants, adhesives, potting compounds etc., packaged in Semco cartridges or packages. Comes with (2) 12V lithium-ion batteries, 2.5 and 6oz retainers, charger base, cord.

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The unit is designed for usage in the aerospace and electronics industries and offers the convenience of a light-weight, powered dispensing solution without the hassle of an air hose.

Light-weight (less than 3 lbs).
Ergonomic design – optimizes the weight balance in operators’ hands.
Improved portability, no air hose required.
60 minutes to completely charge 12V lithium-ion battery.
Fully charged battery can dispense between 50 and 60 six ounce Semco cartridges.
Variable dispensing speed control on rear of gun from 1 (low) to 9 (high).
2.2 (kN) stall force. **The Semco Model 1250 dispensing gun is designed to be used with materials packaged in Semco cartridges with a wiper plunger (WP) ONLY. Typically, pre-mixed and frozen sealants are packaged with a black P-plunger with which this gun is NOT COMPATIBLE. Aerospace sealants supplied in Semkit packages are most commonly packaged with a wiper plunger (WP), which is what this gun is specifically designed for.**

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