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Business Aircraft Consumables | 14-6804-6000



The Tronair 14-6804-6000 is a high pressure regulator system that is for use with aircraft tires or struts. It is rated from 0 to 2500 PSI.

Standard Features Certification documents are provided with all gauges Service gauges protected by a rubber boot Service gauges are liquid filled to maintain accuracy Regulator Gauge Accuracy: ASME Grade B 3-2-3 Gauge Accuracy: +/- Full Scale 1.5% Digital Gauge Accuracy: +/- Full Scale .25% All gauges require annual calibration Storage container standard for Service and Pressure Gauges Regulator Gauge Information Inlet: 2.5", 0 to 4000 PSI Outlet: 2.5" 0 to 4000 PSI Max Rated Inlut Pressure: 3000 PSI Gauge calibration / certificate reference points: 1000, 2000, 3000, and 4000 PSI Calibration Information from Manufacturer The Certificates of Calibration will be supplied with the unit. The due date for re-calibration of the instrument should be based upon the date the instrument was placed in service in your facility. Re-calibration should be done on a periodic basis as dictated by the end user's quality system or other overriding requirements.

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